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Most of our wooden exterior doors are designed according to customer sketches. The thickness of our exterior door frame and sash profiles is 68 mm. They are strong, stable and resistant to climate change. The thermal conductivity can reach up to 1.36W / (m2k). Thanks to the additional acoustic gasket, these doors have excellent sound insulation properties. A special MDF insulated board is used for the filling, which can be smooth or with milled edges. Decorative glass partitions are made for door decoration, which can be glued to the glass package, mounted inside the package or attached to special holders to make it easier to clean the glass after removal. Exterior doors can be made with a double-glazed unit that comes in two or three panes. Glass can be transparent, frosted, reflective, patterned, tinted, solar controlled. It is also possible to install safe tempered or laminated glass.

For European standard exterior doors, we offer the ROTO Doorline hinge system (120 and 80 kg) from the German company ROTO FRANK AG. These hinges are adjustable along 3 axes. The door hinges, thanks to the new shape, smooth surface, without protruding parts, give a beautiful external appearance. The door hinges are available in standard colors - brown, white, silver and bronze.

ROTO FRANK locks are used for exterior doors, they are leaders in the production of window and door fittings. The door lock we use is a lock operated by a handle. This lock, by lifting the handle upwards, locks the door in three places, at the same time reliably tightening the gaskets, reducing door deformations.

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